TADA Truck is a transport connection platform between customers and reputable truck owners in the market, and also a trustful companion of all partners with the policy of commission-free orders. Besides, building a long-term connection among partners has always been our ultimate goal. We are well aware that it is not easy to find a reputable partner in the current transport market.

Benefits of TADA Truck

– Convenience: you can easily find a truck with the plain interface of TADA Truck.
After filling in some basic information, you can quickly find a prestigious truck owner.

– Prestige: truck partner drivers are carefully chosen based on transport criteria.

Rates: TADA is a platform connecting customers and partners with commission-free orders. In other words, all the rates and costs are negotiated between customers and partners. Customers, therefore, do not have to worry about extra costs when using TADA Truck.

– Regular orders: With TADA’s long-term customers from South Korean, Chinese, Singaporean and Cambodian companies, truck owners will receive orders on a regular basis.

– Rates: TADA does not charge commission on orders, so truck owners can feel free to make negotiations over prices.

– Deep connections: TADA pays special attention to long-term connections among partners, which enables prestigious partners to work together for a long time.

Besides the advantages are challenges for truck owners.
In order to have a long-term cooperation with any customer, transporters always have to ensure prestige and quality. The long-term relationship will also be a premise for transport enterprises and partners to promote their potential to meet other enterprises’ demand.

Apart from the afore-mentioned benefits, TADA also provides up-to-date information on transport, traffic, law, logistics, import and export, etc., which is especially useful for foreign enterprises in Vietnam to stabilize their operation and draw up business strategies.

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