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Welcome to TADA Truck – the 0-commission truck application for truck operator! 

Who can become TADA’s partner to take orders?

  • Large multi-service logistics companies
  • Small company that provides logistics services (Truck or Container truck).
  • Forwarder
  • A truck owner with one or more trucks

What makes TADA Truck different?

  • TADA will not collect any commission fee; no price changes
  • TADA connects to create long term relationships between all partners
  • TADA is committed to providing transparent information and the best support for truck owners

Why is TADA necessary in the relationship between the truck owner and the customer?

In Vietnam, the logistics process between the truck owner and the customer is very complicated. Therefore, TADA Truck will be the “bridge” between the truck owner and the customer to ensure the smoothest logistics process.

What does TADA Truck expect from a truck owner?

That is the reputation and quality of service. Because TADA believes that this factor will help us succeed in the Vietnam logistic market.

What are the strengths of TADA? (Except relationships with huge customers).

That is the strength of technology. TADA started out as a blockchain and data technology company

However, TADA Truck always understands that technology is just a support thing, relationship and quality are the core factors in the logistics.

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