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Who will need to book a truck on  TADA Truck?

  • Import and export businesses need a truck or container truck.
  • A manufacturer wants to ship product from the factory to the warehouse or to the customer.
  • A logistics business or forwarder needs more truck supplies.
  • Personal needs for logistics service
  • Individuals, companies need advice on import, export and delivery of products.

TADA’s partners are all capable and reputable companies in Vietnam. They can guarantee exact and punctual delivery quality

Why don’t customers work directly with truck owners? (Instead of booking on TADA Truck.

TADA Truck partners are carefully selected. TADA will help you reduce time, save the costs, reduce the risk. You can even easily check the location of the truck via the website.

In particular, TADA does not collect any commission fee. Therefore, the price will not be increased

What are the long-term benefits of TADA Truck customers?

TADA trucks will help you connect with reputable and quality logistics companies for long-term cooperation. In addition, TADA’s customers will be regularly updated with information about logistics, law and traffic.

What are the strengths of TADA besides having the quality partners).

That is the strength of technology. TADA started out as a blockchain and data technology company. However, TADA Truck always understands that technology is just a support thing, relationship and quality are the core factors in the logistics.

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