About us

TADA is powered by MVL – a reputable mobility ecosystem with a lot of applications on blockchain technology. In 2018, MVL has launched TADA ride-hailing application in 03 countries: Vietnam, Singapore, Cambodia, …. After two years , TADA has achieved many achievements with more than 100,000 driver-partners and 600,000 users.

After the success of TADA Ride-hailing – the first zero commission application in South East Asia; we would like to introduce TADA Truck – an application which provides the direct matching between customers who need trucking services and thousands of truck companies in Vietnam. TADA Truck aims to bring more convenience and efficiency for customers as well as build up long-term relationships between customers and truck partners.

With many years experience in regional markets such as: Korea, China, Singapore, Cambodia, … TADA is expected to bring to the Vietnam truck market a brand new way of doing business which focuses on quality, long-term relationship and sustainable benefits.

TADA has many customers and business partners from Korea, China, Singapore, Cambodia, … When come to  Vietnam, all customers would like to find good logistics partners to cooperate in a long-term basis so that they can reduce logistics risks and be more focused on the core business.

With dynamic and 0-commission policy, TADA Truck is proud to be the home ground for variety of truck operators to join and earn the benefits through delivering good and reliable services.

Why does TADA Truck emphasize on the direct communication between truck operators and the customers?

As we understand that the logistics in Vietnam has many complications and only deep understanding and direct  communication between truck opertors and customers could help to resolve the issues smoothly. TADA Truck will help to connect, verify and provide useful information so that both parties can find the ease of collaboration.

Why do Truck operators need to collaborate with TADA?

As TADA Truck is a unique app in the market that doesn’t collect any commission fee; we are proud to be a true companion of all truck operators. Truck operators joining with TADA can have more orders and benefits from day one. In particular, TADA Truck’s goal is not only generating more orders, but also bringing long-term customers to all reliable truck operators.

Does TADA Truck work with small truck operators?

TADA Truck welcomes all kinds of truck operators as we understand that each operator has his own strength in the 63- province complicated logistics network in Vietnam. We are more focused in the quality of service rather than the size of the truck operator.

Does TADA Truck have other advantage besides having broad connection with international customers ?

Technology, as we start up as a technology company specilizing in blockchain and data.

However, we understands that technology is just a tool while relationship, quality and trust are the core factors that we want to pursue in Vietnam and regional logistics markets.

Join TADA Truck now as the customer who need to find a truck OR as the truck operator who need to find more order!

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Email: hotro@tada.global

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