TADA Truck – Breakthrough transport platform with P2P Model

In Vietnam, logistics in general and transport in particular is dramatically developing to meet the increasingly diversified economic demand.

TADA Truck – A platform that directly links cargo owners and truck owners

TADA Truck Contact Information:

  • Headquarters: No. 37 Street No. 2, Binh An Ward, District 2, HCM City
  • Hotline: 1900 636296
  • Website: tadatruck.vn

While other truck hailing and transport connection apps in the market operate by looking for orders and playing the role of cargo owners to look for suitable transporters, then earn profits by commission or price differences, TADA Truck introduces a model for customers to directly connect with truck owners without getting commissions on orders.

What is P2P model in transport?

When it comes to the P2P (peer to peer) business model, most people immediately think of P2P Lending, which is very “hot” in many markets, including Vietnam. P2P Lending has the advantage over traditional credit as it is quickly disbursed, easy to access, and enables borrowers to connect with the right lenders at the right time. However, as it involves financial activities, it faces innumerable legal barriers.

What makes P2P a suitable solution to the problems faced by the logistics sector?

The logistics industry in general and transport industry in particular is quite different in Vietnam. Due to historical and economic factors, they have developed quite rapidly in quantity, but not in quality. Many logistics companies have been established, but they then silently shut down after “storms” caused by economic recession or most recently, by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Paradoxically, the logistics costs in Vietnam are quite high compared with those in the region, but the profits gained by logistics and transport companies are getting gradually smaller. Only those with good relations and high quality services can survive.

Therefore, the sector is required to optimize operation and costs, at the same time ensuring service quality and reputation, especially when working with foreign partners.

TADA Truck, a P2P model, will focus on dealing with operational optimization, information transparency, quality, reputation and growth for enterprises.

Like the two sides of a coin, traditional logistics activities need technology application and connection platforms to break through and to reach the continent level.

About TADA and its non-commission business model:

TADA is developed by MVL, a South Korean company specializing in technology and mobility.

TADA ride hailing app has been in operation in Singapore, Cambodia, and Vietnam for the past two years with over 600,000 users and 100,000 partner drivers.

Unlike other popular ride-hailing apps such as Grab and Uber, TADA chooses to pursue sustainable development with a commitment of zero commission for drivers, which means the drivers take all the fares. The rate customers have to pay, thus, is about 10-30% lower than that of other providers.

Therefore, no drivers and transport service providers will be surprised to know that TADA has applied zero-commission to TADA Truck, a special feature of TADA and MVL ecosystem.

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